La Casa del Deportista becomes a reality

Tennis Fútbol Hockey Balonmano Baloncesto Otros Deportes GLOBAL PERFORMANCE. DIEZ AÑOS AYUDANDO A CUMPLIR SUEÑOS DEPORTIVOS. Global Performance es un centro / laboratorio de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo en Barcelona. Preparación física orientado a la resolución de problemas que tienen los deportistas de élite o los que quieren llegar a serlo: Entrenamiento, prevención de lesiones, readaptación, [...]

Global Performance creates La Casa del Deportista in Barcelona

Tennis Football Hockey Handball Basketball Other Sports GLOBAL PERFORMANCE. TEN YEARS HELPING ATHLETES ACHIEVE SPORTING DREAMS. Global Performance is a High Performance Sports center / laboratory in Barcelona. Physical preparation aimed at solving problems that elite athletes have: Training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance improvement... All this work is carried out using the latest technologies applied to [...]

Tenth anniversary, new image

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Global Performance, we are happy to announce the renewal of our website with the aim of freshening up our image and providing information to all those who already work with us or those who don’t but would like to begin. In addition, we have updated our logo to commemorate […]